We appreciate our visitors and from now on we are going to encourage you.
If you want to receive free Gift Cards, take three simple steps:
  • 1. Signup with Facebook or Google and get +100 bonus points.
  • 2. Write a couple of reviews of a shop, bank or a restaurant and get more points to your account.
  • 3. Exchange the points for the Gift Card you like.

How Many Points Will I Get for a Review?

Add a review
Write a review consisting of at least 250 characters and get 75 points.
Add a review with photo
Write a review consisting of at least 250 characters, enclose a photo of the place described (a restaurant, bank, shop, store) and get twice as many points – 150 points.

How Many Points Do Gift Cards Cost?
  • $ 10 Gift Card costs 1000 points.
  • $ 15 Gift Card costs 1500 points.
  • $ 20 Gift Card costs 1900 points.
  • $ 30 Gift Card costs 2800 points.
  • › You can look for the costs of the keys for Steam games in your account.

You may add no more than 5 reviews without photos per day. The number of reviews with photos are not limited.
Your reviews must be unique. If we find out that you have copied a review from some other site or your reviews are fake, they will be deleted, and the points will not be charged.
You will receive the ordered Gift Cards or Steam keys within one week of the date of an order.