Privacy Policy
Your privacy is utterly important to us. That is why we have developed the privacy policy that explains what personal information we receive, store and use. Here it is also covered how we do it. Please, become familiar with the document and feel free to ask us your questions if you have any.
We protect your privacy by following methods:
  • www.usalocator.org use of cookies.
  • Log files, used by www.usalocator.org, include information that does not help to indentify the personality of the user (IP addresses, ISP, browser, date and time, etc). We gather it to administer the site and analyze current trends.

Cookies may be used by Google and the site’s advertising partners to serve ads, but www.usalocator.org does not have access to the cookies and cannot control them. Remember that you can disable cookies manually in your browser options, if you want to feel more protected.
Some advertising networks may also make us of JavaScript, cookies and other technologies to control how effective their ads work. These advertising networks have their own privacy policies, and our privacy policy may not be applied to it. So you should consult them to get the necessary information in detail. Our site does not control their activities.